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Trey Gunn
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Trey Gunn

The Waters, They Are Rising

Trey Gunn – Touch Guitar

     This new boutique release from famed King Crimson alumnus and touch guitar visionary Trey Gunn is a combination of live performances based on Peter Gabriel's piece “Here Comes The Flood” and music for a recent film score. The film (“Every Beautiful Thing”, written/directed by Sonya Lea) sees Gunn producing a rare cover tune – a haunting version of Bob Dylan's “Not Dark Yet.”

     Aside from the sensuous voice of Dylan Nichole Bandy in the opening and closing tracks, the entire recording is made with Gunn's unique touch guitar. The variety of material blends throughout with the water theme of the disc – the first in a series of four recordings each based on different themes. “Flow” for this one. “Gravity” for the next.

     The pricing of this recording reflects the work and costs involved in its creation. This represents the strategy at 7d Media of ensuring career artists continue to have the means to create high quality and exceptional work.

     Gunn puts the issue like this:

     “The challenge of putting together what I call a boutique recording is far greater than music supported by the mainstream. Not only do the pieces need to be written, performed, recorded and produced, but the architecture of all the elements of the music have to be built from scratch. If you are writing a main-stream, genre-based detective novel all the elements are already in place. The writer knows what she has to do and the audience knows whether they have done it or not. With what I call boutique artists (those who work with the unknown), not only do new kinds of paragraphs have to be constructed to follow the vision, but new vocabularies and new kinds of grammar also need to be created. Nothing can be pulled down off of the shelf and slapped into the music. Everything gets built up from the ground floor. This kind of process requires extra time and a concentrated effort.

     So, instead of saying 'Yeah, sure people are only expecting to pay X amount for a recording, so I shall do my best to make do with that', I am instead deciding to say 'This is how much work goes into it and this is what I believe the value is.' No different from a craft beer, an exquisitely made espresso, a boutique guitar amplifier or a custom made pair of pants. The process is involved.”

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